Species Identification

Of the over 20 species of rodents in B.C., only 3 are regarded as serious pests. They are the Norway Rat, the Black Rat and the House Mouse. If the rat or mouse problem is identified and resolved quickly there is very little likelihood that the problem will re-occur. If, however, they are allowed to establish themselves they can be very difficult to get rid of.

House Mouse

The house mouse is small and slender, weighing less than 30g (1oz.) with an almost hairless tail, large ears and pointed nose. They will eat almost anything and can fit through spaces only 1cm (1/2 inch) wide. They prefer hidden enclosed spaces and can breed prolifically due to the females capability to produce 7 or more litters of 5-7 pups per year. They leave their droppings of dark brown ¼ inch long pellets wherever they have been.


Risk Management

Both rats and mice can cause considerable damage to dwellings and buildings chewing on the materials used in their construction. Plumbing pipes and wiring are also at risk, with a greater risk of fire from short circuits.

Mice contaminate large quantities of food with their urine and droppings and can transmit diseases from their feet and urine.



In order to minimize the chances of an infestation you should make sure that homes or buildings are in good repair. Openings like vents, conduits, dryer exhausts etc. should be covered with heavy wire mesh and any potential entry points should be sealed with mice resistant materials.

Remove any equipment or stacked goods from beside buildings as they are potential hiding places for mice. In addition, you need to identify and remove potential food supplies. Indoors, store your food in sturdy covered bins that are rodent proof and keep your food storage area clean. Outdoors use commercially available compost bins, and only compost vegetable and plant matter – not meat or bones.

If you have to store your garbage outdoors use garbage cans that have tightly closing lids and that are made of strong rodent resistant material. Make sure that there are no water sources available, such as leaking faucets, damaged downspouts or continuous sources of groundwater. Keep pet foods in sealed containers and the area where they are stored clean.

Bird feeders should be located away from buildings and have large trays built just below the feeder to prevent mice from using the feeder as a food source and to prevent the seed from dropping to the ground.

If you suspect that you have a mice infestation, give us a call today and let one of our service technicians give you an expert opinion on dealing with it today.


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