Species Identification

The main bird species that we deal with on a regular basis is pigeons. Although we do handle many other species of bird, pigeons seem to be consistently a problem.

Much like bedbugs, pigeon control has become such a huge part of what we do, we developed our own team of highly trained bird control technicians that specialize in removal of birds.


Risk Management

Birds consume many insects that are pests to man but can themselves be pests. Bird droppings in a concentrated area can corrode roofs and may contain bacteria that’s harmful to man. Nests can become hazards if located in vents or in areas where machinery operates.

The best method to deal with birds is to discourage them from the areas where they are not wanted. Allpro Pest control has the experience and the equipment to prevent birds from returning to the nests or congregating spots where their presence was an issue. Allpro’s bird control methods do not harm the birds.



Allpro employs a variety of bird control methods based upon the circumstances to remove bird problems quickly and humanly.

First and foremost to the problem of overpopulation, are the numbers of nooks and crannies that modern man builds into the exterior of all of his structures, forming the basic home unit of a pigeon. This means that almost every bridge or large structure harbors a certain number of these (or other) birds.

Based upon the situation we have different methods that we discuss as options for your bird control needs. For more info contact us here at Allpro.


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