Species Identification

Silverfish prefer materials high in carbohydrates and protein, usually of plant origin, such as paper, wallpaper, book bindings, cereal grains and dried meat.

They can be found in dark places, outdoors in hidden locations like tree bark and rocks, and indoors in attics, basements, walls, closets and storage rooms.

Their physiology allows them to absorb water from the atmosphere and can therefore survive dry conditions more readily than other coastal insect species.

They are long lived insects; silverfish can live for approximately six years. Because of these long life spans it is important to take care of the problem as soon as it is discovered.


Risk Management

Silverfish can cause damage to insulation, paper products, glued book bindings etc.

Aside from the damage they can cause they are very unpleasant to look at which is usually the first concern.

They usually get into moist / damp areas and are spotted at night, as they sleep during the day.



Treatment is very simple for Silverfish, as well as preparation.

A full IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach is always established prior to treatment.

Our technicians are here to help, so if you do find youself needing our assistance with a Silverfish issue, please contact us today.


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