Environmental Impact
Enviromental Impact Statement

Allpro Pest Control has embodied the tools, products and philosophy of Integrated Pest Management. We have a deep understanding and commitment to protecting ourselves and the environment and we take this seriously. As part of our service to the customer, we offer education through discussion, seminars and even media presentations. Education is the single greatest resource we can offer in deterring pest problems. With the right knowledge and determination any pest problem can be corrected in a safe manner.

Specifically, these statements apply to our entire operation. From the office to the field, every purchase, use and product application is made with the environment in mind. We employ the principles of reuse and recycle to reduce waste product entering the landfills and water systems. Our vehicles are smaller and use less fuel than larger vehicles. We monitor routing and traffic to minimize fuel consumption and time idling. In all, our entire approach is to reduce consumption and improve efficiency and efficacy by making prudent choices.

Allpro Pest Control will continue to advance our techniques as new knowledge, products and technology emerge in our field. We will continue to learn and educate our customers so that pest control issues can be effectively managed. Where treatment is the only option, we will make applications in a safe manner that causes the least impact to ourselves and the environment. Government will affect this process to a degree, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the company and individuals making the decision and the applications out in the field.

We will respect that responsibility.

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