Species Identification

Spiders are predators preferring living prey. They have hollow fangs that they use to inject poisonous venom to immobilize their victim and begin the digestion process. As spiders are only able to eat liquids they will inject digestive fluids into their prey and then suck in the digested food.

There are many varieties of spiders and all of them produce silk that hardens when it comes in contact with air. Their silk is used to create egg sacs, spin webs, capturing and holding prey, and transferring sperm during mating. Spider silk is a prime indicator to where spiders are.

Only one spider species in B.C., the Black Widow, has a venomous bite that could be fatal to humans. Spider bites from almost every other species will usually produce small, red, itchy spots usually in bunches in the affected area.

Spiders prefer areas that are partially covered, woodpiles or shady areas. Indoors they can be found in garages, basements, attics, outbuildings,, closets, under beds, and in between storage boxes.


Risk Management

Spiders don’t really damage anything in a home; they actually can be beneficial by keeping the crawling insect population down. Their webs are unpleasant, especially if walked through!

The spider bite can cause damage to people (especially the Black Widow & Brown Recluse).



The trick to spider control is eliminating the food source; insects. Removing as many hiding spots from the interior and exterior of home is crucial, especially wood piles, to eliminate their hiding spots.

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