The Allpro Team is commited to not only providing exceptional service but we also strive to educate our client base as best as possible. As such, one of our initiatives is to give access to our articles that we pass around our office from time to time. These articles are generally suited to the time of year but also are current with trends in pest control and our practices. Enjoy!

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Hibernating Critters

December 19-13 | Hibernating Critters

“Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!”

Quote from “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore

So who are these creatures that aren’t stirring on the colder winter nights and what are they doing in your house anyway?

As winter settles in rodents, insects and small animals will seek shelter in warmer areas to escape the cold. Your house and garage are prime residential real estate for them and once they are in it’s difficult to get rid of them (like some relatives). Here are some things to look for if you suspect that you have small unwanted guests.

Smaller animals like squirrels and bats can find their way into attics and crawl spaces and create hibernating nests, settling in for long winter naps. Be proactive and check that your attic vents are properly screened and there are no gaps or holes in the roof and gables. Raccoons will also use the same areas and are very difficult to remove once they have established their territory.

Mice and rats can also hibernate but most will seek access to warmer areas. They can fit through gaps as little as ½ an inch and once established can cause extensive damage to walls, wiring and drywall. They forage for food at night and care should be taken to ensure that no food is left on counters or in unsealed containers in cupboards. Improperly stored food could become contaminated with their droppings and urine. Garages and workshops are also a prime choice for these rodents, so a careful inspection of doors, windows and building perimeters for gaps, holes, spaces around pipes and siding should be done before and during the winter months.

Insects, although smaller, can also become unwanted winter guests and can establish nests or colonies that can become difficult to find and get rid of. Cockroaches in particular can sense temperature changes and will seek warmer areas to inhabit. Keep firewood, mulch and vegetation away from direct contact with your home and look for cracks in concrete, door and window seal failures and space around piping coming in to the house from the outside.

Bees, wasps and snakes are also common critters that can use your home for their winter siesta although it is not as common for snakes. If you do find wasp or bees nests have them removed professionally.

We hope your winter is pest free but if it isn’t you know we are a phone call or email away.

AllPro Pest Control - Winter Exodus

November 12 - 2013 | Winter Exodus

Look around. You will see the leaves are coming down and your breath suddenly is starting to appear as you walk outside. Yes, it is that time yet again. Fall is upon us and winter is fast approaching.

This is a great time to bundle yourselves up after a long day at work and relax indoors. Unfortunaly this is also that time of the year for mice and rats to also seek the warmth of your home.

No matter if you live in a house, apartment, condo or townhouse, rodents will find their way into your home via any means possible.

Try to imagine the size of a quarter. Pretty small right. How about a dime? Even smaller, yet a mouse can squeeze its little body thru a hole the size of a dime due to skeletal structure it posseses.

As the winter approaches, now is the time to look around your home for any access points and patch them up. Should you need some advice on what to use to block rodents, we would recomend steel wool as rodents cannot chew thru it.

Other areas for concern are going to be your vents and these can become a non issue by simply installing screen on your vents.

Let us know if Allpro Pest Control can help with any rodent issues you may be having by calling us at any of our multiple locations.


The Ants are coming - Carpenter Ants

March 4 - 2013 | The Ants are Coming!!!

Winter is losing its grip and spring is rapidly approaching. As the weather warms up the bugs and critters become more active, and this is the time to watch for the activity that may cause you a problem down the road. In our West Coast climate, ants in particular can be a challenge.

One of the worst threats to your house is carpenter ants. These ants nest in dead wood, but they don’t differentiate between dead wood in gardens and wooded areas, and the dead wood that makes up the timbers of your home.

They create their nests by boring into the wood and, if left long enough, can cause significant damage to the walls, floors and ceilings of your home, sometimes enough to cause the structural integrity of the home to be compromised beyond repair.

Carpenter ants are black and are significantly larger than red ants, approximately 1.5 to 2 cm. in length. With the warmer weather on the way, their activity will increase and they can be observed as they forage from the nest in search of food.

Most of their activity occurs at night, but the needs of the nest mean that there are ants moving 24 hours a day. If you suspect that you have a carpenter ant nest in or around your home, try to find out where the ants are coming from and heading to. Carpenter ants usually have multiple nests within 100 meters of each other, and it is best to locate all possible ant sources before you begin a control treatment.

Once nests have been confirmed, it is important to contact Allpro Pest Control as soon as possible. If carpenter ants are left unattended, your home could suffer serious damage in a short time.


Resident Rodents - February 14/2013 Article

February 14 - 2013 | Resident Rodents

Have you been woken up in the night by the pitter-patter of little feet that weren’t your children or pets?

Have you found little raisins on the floor, counters or cupboards that aren’t raisins after all?

Is there an unmistakeable aroma in the air that isn’t perfume but reminds you of an un-cleaned bathroom?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then you have house guests. No, it’s not your mother in law, but it is likely you have mice or rats who have taken up residence with you.

As the winter weather sets in, rodents will seek out new living areas that are sheltered and warm. Mice can enter through openings as small as half an inch; rats have a greasy fur that helps them to slip into narrow openings. Typically, they will occupy outbuildings and storage areas but given the opportunity, they will find their way into your home.

Rodents can be difficult to find once they are in a building as they can get into walls and hard to reach places where they build their nests. Most of their activity takes place at night and the only evidence you have of their existence is the mess they leave behind. Here are a few tips to help you.

  • Check your home and outbuildings for entry points. Look for holes or cracks that lead to the outside and block them up.
  • Mice and rats tend to find their way by staying close to walls as their eyesight isn’t that good. Look for evidence of droppings or track marks in dust along walls, counters, shelves and beams.
  •  Don’t leave doors open or ajar.
  • Make sure that any pet doors are working properly, are installed at the correct height and that the door or frame is not damaged.

Once you have identified the areas where they are moving through call Allpro Pest Control and one of our technicians will come and work out the best method of removal. We check in with our customers on a regular basis and remove the rodents once they are trapped. We also provide a six month guarantee to ensure peace of mind.

Januray 6th article - Winter Logs

January 6 - 2013 | Winter Logs

The holidays are a time of year to be together with family and enjoy the simpler things in life. It is also a time of year for rather cold weather.

One of the main forms of infestation we encounter this time of the year stems from having a fire going. Not so much the act of the fire itself but the logs brought from the outdoor wood pile to inside the home.

Logs stored outside and inside for that matter, can be a host of nesting grounds for multiple species of insect including carpenter ants, beetles, spiders and a host of other critters most do not want in their homes over the festive season.

For all our service technicians in the field, please caution the thorough checking of all wood brought into the home for any larva, eggs or active insects and be sure to help those with wood burning fireplaces in how to properly check fire wood moving forward.

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