January 2013

January 2014 | State of the Union

On behalf of the staff and their families I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their support over the past year. At Allpro Pest Control we take pride in the level of service, care and commitment we bring to you, our customers and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Winter is a time where the critters we help you to control generally hibernate or reduce their activity due to the cold. We also tend to slow down, not because of cold, but we observe the special holidays and celebrations that occur at his time of year so our staff can spend time with their families and recharge their batteries. It also gives us an opportunity to review the year so that we can better serve you as we grow and move forward.

Allpro Pest Control was started because there was a distinct need in the pest control market for a company that looked at their clients, not as numbers or entries in an account book, but as people who are in need of personalized and specialized service. We know our clients by name, we know what problems you are facing because we take the time to talk to you and more importantly, listen to your concerns. We work with you to resolve your pest issues and we follow up to make sure that the services that we have provided have done the job to your satisfaction.

In the coming year we will continue to expand our company but not at the expense of the things that have made us who we are today. We are constantly looking for new processes that are environmentally friendly, yet effective in controlling the pests that they are designed for. Most importantly we want to ensure that the relationship we have with you as our client is looked after and that you are completely satisfied with the work that we perform. Our success is driven by your satisfaction. Without your recommendations to friends and family and your confidence in the services we provide, we would not be where we are today.

We look forward to the upcoming year with anticipation of serving our existing clients and making many new client relationships.

Thank you 

-Allpro Team

December 2013 | Tis the Season

Fall and winter are celebrated by many of the world’s religions as the time to give thanks and to look forward to the new beginning the New Year will bring. Regardless of where people lived, they relied on having successful growing seasons, a bountiful hunt and favourable weather for their survival. Feasts, fasts, celebrations and homage to the gods were part of the way of life for people for centuries.

Today we still give thanks, but for different things. The need to produce and harvest for survival is all but forgotten, save for the history books. Technology, manufacturing and science have created a world for most of us that puts the basic needs of food, water and shelter into the realm of fiction – grocery stores provide all the food and water we need; stores and the internet provide us with all the other items in our lives. What could be better than this!

Take a moment to appreciate where we are, what we have and the relationships that we have with our friends and family, but also consider those who don’t have the same opportunities or quality of life. If you can, find a way that is relevant to you and your situation to give to those who are in need, not only at this time of year, but all year round.

Enjoy the season and our best wishes for the New Year. 

-Allpro Team


March 2013 | Going To The Dogs

That used to be a phrase that meant life in general was not good. Not so today. Especially in the pest control business.

We are adding another canine member to our growing family, not as a family pet, but a qualified member of our working team.

Dogs have an uber sensitive sense of smell and have been used for years as sniffer dogs for police and military organizations. But did you know that they are also incredibly efficient at sniffing out Bed Bugs?

It’s true! A trained dog can detect live bugs and egg clusters with an incredible accuracy of 96 percent, even if the bugs and eggs are in cracks or behind walls. And the dogs love to work! Now if humans only had the same work ethic………

It’s an exciting addition that means we can help more people, and maintain our awesome success rate. Using sniffer dogs brings the costs down and our dogs really enjoy seeing new people every day. There have to be perks in any job, right?

So, if you see our dogs in their company outfits on their walks, come on over and say hello.

-Allpro Team

February 2013 | Tradeshows and Busy in February

Typically these are some of the slower times of year for us here at Allpro Pest Control, however this year business is up considerably. The feedback we are getting back from our clients as of late has been nothing short of spectacular with a vast majority of new clients being referred to us thru previous work we have completed.

That is HUGE, as we have always stated our main goals are customer service and quality results. Thank you to all those who are helping our business continue its growth in the early stages of 2013.

This month we are also at the buildex show promoting our sister company, Vancouver Bedbug Control with our brand new interactive booth. If you happen to be at the event please stop by and you can see what bed bugs look like in person within our sealed bed bug display.

Til next month,

-Allpro Team

January 2013 | Resolutions and Growth

This is our first blog post on our newly redesigned website and as such thought it a good time to discuss the growth we are poised to make within the pest control community.

Allpro Pest Control is currently re-evaluating all our technicians practices to ensure we are utilizing the best and most effective forms of treatment for all our residential and commercial clients.

Our sister company, Vancouver Bed Bug Control, has also introduced its own K9 Services Unit to further help our technicians distinguish where bed bug infestations are residing inside a home or business. We are very proud to offer these services and feel we are again at the forefront of pest control management.

Watch to see Allpro being involved in the community near you as we are also growing our public relations team to offer better deals and of course spread as much information as we can regarding our environmentally friendly pest management techniques.

Til next month,

-Allpro Team

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